Enhanced Blackpool

Enhanced Blackpool

Boost your confidence the non-surgical way at Enhanced Blackpool. Most treatments are pain free and require no recovery time but, do require more than one session for more permanent results. We often say think of our treatments as using a sunbed, you would not go on a sun-bed once and expect to come off with a golden tan that will last instantly (unless you are really lucky). It often takes more sessions to reach you’re desired result. If you are considering treatment with Enhanced Blackpool, a quality consultation prior to having any of our non-surgical procedures is incredibly important. There are many reasons as to why a thorough consultation with a qualified practitioner is an integral part of the process and the main reason is patient safety. Usually, we do the consultation on the same day as your treatment. However, we understand and appreciate clients that would prefer to come in and discuss what treatment would be best for them before deciding. We will discuss any concerns you may have and give you our honest opinion and what kind of results we expect you may get from the treatment, your concerns, questions, etc. if you are looking for more than one treatment we can write up a treatment plan and make a package tailored to you’re specific needs. Consultations are free but we do a require a non-refundable deposit to book.


Non-surgical & Laser Practitioner

3D Lipo

Radio-Frequency Tummy Tightening

Radio-Frequency Facial

Cellulite Reduction

Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift & Enhancement

Non-Surgical Hollywood Breast Lift & Enhancment

Double Chin Reduction

Ultimate Brazilian Bum

Laser Treatments

Collagen Gold Facial Treatment


Arm skin tightening


LED Light Therapy Treatment

Flawless Beauty

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Flawless Beauty

388 Lytham Road, FY4 1DW, Blackpool


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